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Greetings! Thanks for your interest in Spendily.

We are a small independent software development company who loves the aesthetics of simple, easy to use software.

We came up with the concept of Spendily while dealing with the pain sharing a bank account between multiple people.

Either someone would charge something that the others didn‘t know about, leading them to purchase something simular, or worse to think that more funds were availble than really were.

We never really knew the true cost of projects, as they would be spread across multiple purchases over a large period of time.

Being lovers of technology, we attempted to use many different solutions, however each was lacking in some way. Either they utilized old desktop era technology, or they were web-based but wanted us to trust the intimate details of our bank accounts to some web site located in who knows where.

Out of fustration, we finally slapped together a quick entry form and grid listing and used that.

Then we hung some charts on it.

Then we added tagging functions.

Then we created an IPhone Application for offline data entry

Then we finally decided that “Hey this is pretty nice, other people might like to use it”

And Here We Are...